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First American Review
In a nutshell: First American provides flexible home warranty plans, so customers can tailor coverage on various home systems and appliances. Although not available in all 50 states, First American offers convenient policy terms for those eligible. Their online resource center helps homeowners make informed choices on home maintenance and repairs.
First American Review
In a nutshell: First American provides flexible home warranty plans, so customers can tailor coverage on various home systems and appliances. Although not available in all 50 states, First American offers convenient policy terms for those eligible. Their online resource center helps homeowners make informed choices on home maintenance and repairs.
First American Review


First American Home Warranty is one of the leading providers of home warranty services in the U.S. Home warranties can be extremely valuable insurance to have and help cover problems or breakdowns that you may encounter at home when things go wrong. Of course, exactly what is covered, the terms of service, pricing, and other details can vary significantly from provider to provider. So, it’s important to thoroughly research different home warranty companies and read reviews in order to help you decide which one to opt for.

First American Home Warranty started in 1984, so they have over three decades of experience providing warranty service for homeowners. They’re part of a larger company, First American, which has been around for over 125 years. With an extensive network of service providers and a commitment to customer service, it’s not surprising that most of the First American Home Warranty reviews you find online are quite positive. Below, we have broken it down for you.


The First American Home Warranty comes in three packages depending on what level of protection you want and how much you plan or can afford to spend.

  • The Starter plan provides coverage for home appliances including plumbing systems, electrical and heating systems, dishwasher and refrigerator, oven and cooktop, and built-in microwave oven.

  • The Essential plan provides covers everything covered in the Starter plan with additional coverage on clothes washer and dryer, water heater, air conditioning, and garage door opener.

  • The Premier plan is much more extensive. It covers all of the contents of the Starter plan, in addition to luxury appliance coverage, garbage disposal, full garage door system, faucets, instant hot water dispenser, with additional coverage and enhancements.

  • Full personalized quotes are available on the First American Home Warranty website based on your address and other supplied information.

Terms of Service

As with any service provider, one of the critical aspects of a home warranty that you will always need to consider are the terms of service. Our First American Home Warranty review is no different. While it’s impossible to summarize all of a contract in a short review, the highlights of what you get and how it all works, are broken down below.

  • Any covered appliances or systems will be repaired by a pre-screened, certified contractor/technician, or replaced, at no additional cost above your agreed-upon contract trade call fee.
  • Your budget and finances won’t take a hit with unexpected multi-thousand dollar expenses.
  • 24/7/365 service is available.
  • You don’t need to find a contractor on your own, thanks to their pre-screened network of specialist tradespeople.
  • When you have a failure or issue with a covered appliance or system, you simply call their help center for service. They’ll arrange a contractor to come out and evaluate the situation. All you have to do is pay a trade call fee, usually $75-$100 depending on your plan, and the rest of the work and expenses are paid by the warranty company.

Customer Support

Naturally, given the way that home warranties work, the availability and level of customer support is critical. To get service under your plan, you need to call in when something happens to a covered appliance or system. In terms of First American Home Warranty, there is a fully-staffed call center that is available 24/7/365.

You can place a service request online via their customer portal or via a toll-free phone number. A service provider from their network will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing for plans at First American Home Warranty and most other home warranty providers varies considerably based on what kind of coverage you select. There are also variations regionally based on the prevailing rates of service personnel. Personalized, more accurate quotes, including any add-on services, can be obtained via the First American Home Warranty website. For about $1 a day, you can protect your home and budget. First American offers comprehensive home protection plans with some of the best coverage limits in the industry.

You also typically have to pay a trade call fee for the actual service person appointment, which can vary by region and plan but is usually less than $100. And then that’s it. If you need $1,500 in repairs, that’s all covered – you’re only out your plan premium cost and the trade call fee. There is no limit to how often you can request service, so if you have a home with older systems and appliances with a lot of things that can potentially go wrong and break down, then First American Home Warranty can save you thousands of dollars a year.

The Bottom Line

If you're a homeowner, you should definitely consider a home warranty plan from First American. They have the experience and reputation that will give you confidence and ensure that you are getting a good deal. With great customer service and a network of service providers, they are a home warranty company that you can depend on. At the same time, you can customize and choose a plan that fits your budget, add additional coverage, and save thousands of dollars a year. Who doesn’t want to save money on costly repairs or replacements of appliances and home systems?

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  • Flexible plans
  • Convenient terms
  • Online resource center
  • Coverage depends on region
  • AC is an add-on
FAQs for Home Warranty
Purchasing a home warranty is the best way to protect yourself from expensive home and appliance repairs. To help you learn more about home warranties and how they work, we have compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about home warranty plans.
What is a home warranty?
Similar to a warranty that comes with the purchase of a new phone, or piece of equipment, home warranties, cover home appliances and system repairs. Home warranties shield homeowners from the high cost of unexpected appliance breakdowns and system failures. They provide protection not just for your home, but for your budget and time as well.
How do they work?
What's great about home warranties is that, unlike a standard warranty that comes with an appliance, home warranties cover a wide variety of appliances that can be customized depending on your needs. When signing up for a home warranty or receiving an initial quote, you will be asked to fill in basic information about the location of your home and which appliances you want to cover. Most home warranty companies like Choice Home Warranty, Select Home Warranty, or American Home Shield, offer a choice of several plans with options to add appliances based on need. These home warranty companies will charge an annual contract fee for yearly coverage and a small service fee when they need to send someone to repair or replace an appliance. Typically home warranty companies work with certified local technicians who work quickly and efficiently to help ensure your home is back in working order.
What appliances do home warranties cover?
As mentioned, home warranty coverage varies from company to company and there is no one set item list that all home warranties cover. In general, it's best to review your contract and make sure all your essential appliances are listed.

In general home warranties may cover some of these items and more:
Central heating systems
Air conditioning systems
Electrical systems
Plumbing systems
Washing machines and dryers
Ovens and stove-tops
Why would you need a home warranty?
As a homeowner, you never know when your essential systems or appliances may break, and repairing them can be both time-consuming and extremely costly. Home warranties are there to offer peace of mind by ensuring you'll be taken care of by certified professionals when the unexpected occurs.
What's the difference between a home warranty and home insurance?
Home warranties differ from home insurance plans in that home warranties cover appliances and systems that break due to wear and tear, while home insurance policies protect your home from losses or damages caused by natural disasters, fire, theft, and more. Home insurance plans cover the structure of your home in such cases, so if you have broken windows, doors, water damage, etc. a home insurance plan will have you covered. In other words, if you have an air conditioner that is leaking and causing water damage in your home, a home warranty plan will cover the cost of fixing the AC. In contrast, a home insurance plan will cover the cost of fixing whatever was damaged by the water.
Who are home warranties for?
Typically home warranty plans are purchased by homeowners who want to ensure they are covered in case of a breakdown. However, others can benefit from the services a home warranty provides. Landlords who have purchased a home and are renting it out should strongly consider purchasing a home warranty plan. As a landlord, the last thing you need is for a tenant to be without a heater, fridge, or even electricity. You'll find yourself scrambling to find the proper technician without knowing how much you'll have to pay out-of-pocket. A home warranty provides you with peace of mind and is a significant selling point for a tenant when considering homes.

Real estate agents can also benefit from home warranty plans and many agents will purchase a home warranty to protect the buyer. This can be done as a gift as a way to say thank you for their business. Moving into a new home with a home warranty already in place provides the buyer with peace of mind knowing there won't be unexpected costs to fix systems or appliances.
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