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First Premier Home Warranty Review
In a nutshell: First Premier Home Warranty provides you with peace of mind in the event of unexpected repairs. Their home protection plans put you in touch with their trusted partners in your area so you get prompt and reliable service when you need it.
First Premier Home Warranty Review
In a nutshell: First Premier Home Warranty provides you with peace of mind in the event of unexpected repairs. Their home protection plans put you in touch with their trusted partners in your area so you get prompt and reliable service when you need it.
First Premier Home Warranty Review


Homeowner's insurance policies keep you covered for major unexpected disasters like theft and fire, but they don't cover your home systems or your appliances for normal wear and tear. That’s where First Premier Home Warranty steps in. First Premier Home Warranty provides you with peace of mind in the event of unexpected repairs. Their home protection plans put you in touch with their trusted partners in your area so you get prompt and reliable service when you need it.


First Premier Home Warranty has two different plans available, the Premier Plan and the Premier Platinum Plan, as well as optional coverage that can be added to either plan depending on the needs of you and your home.

The Premier Plan covers your home's plumbing system, including plumbing stoppage and permanently-installed sump pumps, as well as your home's electrical system. This means that First Premier Home Warranty will get you in contact with one of their reliable partners to get your home's plumbing or electricity serviced quickly if anything goes wrong. You'll also get coverage for your home's water heater and any ductwork.

In the kitchen, the Premier Plan gives you protection for your stove and oven, your cooktop, and your built-in microwave. This plan also covers dishwashers, garbage disposals, and trash compactors. Outside of the kitchen, the Premier Plan will protect your whirlpool bathtub, garage door opener, and ceiling and exhaust fans.

The Premier Platinum Plan covers all of the home systems and appliances in the Premier Plan while also providing additional protection, including your home's HVAC system. Under the Premier Platinum Plan, you have the option of purchasing protection for up to two air conditioning system units and two heating system units. When it comes to appliances, the Premier Platinum Plan will also cover your refrigerator as well as your washer and dryer.

The company also offers optional coverage that you can add to either plan if your home has additional systems or appliances t. Some of the optional coverage offered includes things like well pumps, septic systems, pools, stand-alone freezers, and water-softening systems. With their optional coverage, you can also get covered for multiple water heaters, HVAC systems, or garage door openers, depending on the needs of your home.

Terms of Service

Contracts with First Premier Home Warranty last for a year, and you have the option to pay either monthly or annually. You can cancel at any time, but there is a cancellation fee if you cancel after the first 30 days. There is a service fee when a technician is dispatched to your home for service, and this fee varies depending on the area that you live in.

Customer Support

First Premier Home Warranty provides customer service via telephone and email. There's also a form on the website that you can fill out and submit to have a representative from the company contact you. Though the company has pages on Facebook and Instagram, their online presence isn't very active.

First Premier Warranty Pricing and Plans

Pricing for your individualized plan will depend on the appliances and systems you want to protect in your home and the area where you live. The Premier Plan and the Premier Platinum Plan have basic appliance and system coverage. You can supplement by adding coverage for additional systems and appliances as you need it, which requires a personalized quote. Since First Premier Home Warranty works with many different providers to give you coverage and service, your plan cost will also depend on the service providers in the area where you live.

You can determine your monthly subscription by reaching out to get a free quote from one of their representatives. All you have to do is provide your name and contact information and some information about your home. A representative will contact you to provide a quote after you fill out the form on First Premier Home Warranty's website with information like your address, the type of property you own, and your property's square footage.

Word on the Street

First Premier Home Warranty is currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a B- rating. The reviews on the BBB website mention the company's good customer service and the fact that they handle claims in a timely manner. Because the company is relatively new, there aren't many customer reviews available online.

The Bottom Line

First Premier Home Warranty stands out as a good option If you're looking for a way to prepare for unexpected costs on home systems and appliances. Contact First Premier Home Warranty to get started with a free estimate. A representative will work with you to customize a home warranty plan that will ensure all of your home's major systems and appliances are protected. When you need help, First Premier Home Warranty is available 24/7 to get a service professional dispatched to your home.

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  • Low service call fees
  • No property inspections required
  • Flexible pricing
  • Cancellation fees
  • 30-day waiting period
FAQs for Home Warranty
Purchasing a home warranty is the best way to protect yourself from expensive home and appliance repairs. To help you learn more about home warranties and how they work, we have compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about home warranty plans.
What is a home warranty?
Similar to a warranty that comes with the purchase of a new phone, or piece of equipment, home warranties, cover home appliances and system repairs. Home warranties shield homeowners from the high cost of unexpected appliance breakdowns and system failures. They provide protection not just for your home, but for your budget and time as well.
How do they work?
What's great about home warranties is that, unlike a standard warranty that comes with an appliance, home warranties cover a wide variety of appliances that can be customized depending on your needs. When signing up for a home warranty or receiving an initial quote, you will be asked to fill in basic information about the location of your home and which appliances you want to cover. Most home warranty companies like Choice Home Warranty, Select Home Warranty, or American Home Shield, offer a choice of several plans with options to add appliances based on need. These home warranty companies will charge an annual contract fee for yearly coverage and a small service fee when they need to send someone to repair or replace an appliance. Typically home warranty companies work with certified local technicians who work quickly and efficiently to help ensure your home is back in working order.
What appliances do home warranties cover?
As mentioned, home warranty coverage varies from company to company and there is no one set item list that all home warranties cover. In general, it's best to review your contract and make sure all your essential appliances are listed.

In general home warranties may cover some of these items and more:
Central heating systems
Air conditioning systems
Electrical systems
Plumbing systems
Washing machines and dryers
Ovens and stove-tops
Why would you need a home warranty?
As a homeowner, you never know when your essential systems or appliances may break, and repairing them can be both time-consuming and extremely costly. Home warranties are there to offer peace of mind by ensuring you'll be taken care of by certified professionals when the unexpected occurs.
What's the difference between a home warranty and home insurance?
Home warranties differ from home insurance plans in that home warranties cover appliances and systems that break due to wear and tear, while home insurance policies protect your home from losses or damages caused by natural disasters, fire, theft, and more. Home insurance plans cover the structure of your home in such cases, so if you have broken windows, doors, water damage, etc. a home insurance plan will have you covered. In other words, if you have an air conditioner that is leaking and causing water damage in your home, a home warranty plan will cover the cost of fixing the AC. In contrast, a home insurance plan will cover the cost of fixing whatever was damaged by the water.
Who are home warranties for?
Typically home warranty plans are purchased by homeowners who want to ensure they are covered in case of a breakdown. However, others can benefit from the services a home warranty provides. Landlords who have purchased a home and are renting it out should strongly consider purchasing a home warranty plan. As a landlord, the last thing you need is for a tenant to be without a heater, fridge, or even electricity. You'll find yourself scrambling to find the proper technician without knowing how much you'll have to pay out-of-pocket. A home warranty provides you with peace of mind and is a significant selling point for a tenant when considering homes.

Real estate agents can also benefit from home warranty plans and many agents will purchase a home warranty to protect the buyer. This can be done as a gift as a way to say thank you for their business. Moving into a new home with a home warranty already in place provides the buyer with peace of mind knowing there won't be unexpected costs to fix systems or appliances.
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